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Village Information
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Village meetings are held at 1304 sunset (Village Hall) generally the third Wednesday night each month. Please come and participate. Meetings start at 7pm sharp.

As a resident of Holiday Hills, Illinois, there are some things you should be made aware of that are required and some things that are useful to know. Nothing in the list below over-rides or null and voids the actual state laws or local ordinances. The information listed below is for informational purposes only.

The village maintains this website to pass on information to its residents. The Village’s Local Ordinances are also posted here.


1. Trash/refuse/recycling pickup is mandatory from a designated trash recycling company that is contracted by the Village. No other trash contractor is authorized to pick up trash in the Village. Contact the WASTE MANAGEMENT (not the Village Hall) at 800-796-9696 to arrange service, which is mandatory.

2. Village Vehicle Stickers are required (with few exceptions) on all motor vehicles kept, stored or registered in the village. See Village Hall or local ordinances on web page for details.

3. All streets within the Village, with the exception of River Road, has a maximum speed limit of 20 miles per hour which is enforced.

4. This is a Golf Cart Community. This means that authorized and registered golf carts are allowed on certain streets within the Village. They must obey all of the regular state traffic regulations and local Village & County Ordinances. These include but are not limited to:

a. Registered and bearing a current Village Vehicle sticker.

b. Proper mandated equipment such as lighting, brakes, emergency slow moving vehicle placard

  •   Current and active vehicle insurance for the golf cart and valid drivers license.
  •   Drivers have to be at least 18 years of age and, any other requirements that may be needed.

5. Fishing/Boating: Fishing or boat launching is allowed within the Village corporate limits only for actual residents or resident’s authorized friends.

a. These activities are allowed only on property that you are authorized to be on or utilize. Trespassing on private property is not authorized.

b. A valid Illinois fishing license is required for fishing.

c. Hunting is not allowed except on any established gun/hunt club and then only with the permission of the club.

6. Paintball, air soft, BB Gun, or firearm discharging is not allowed within the corporate limits except where may be authorized by an authorized/established gun/hunt/paintball club.

7. Before building, constructing, altering or remodeling any structure(s), land or property contact the Village’s Building Inspector at the Village Hall for any permit requirements or restrictions.

8. All lots within the Village need to be maintained, including the grass/weeds cut and maintained on a regular basis and this includes the ditch areas. Property will be maintained, no junk, debris or trash will be allowed to accumulate in an unsightly fashion.

9. No parking on streets after 2 inches of snowfall

10. Sandbags: During flooding, the Village provides sandbags for residents use and a pile of sand, usually placed at the Village Hall for details.

  The Village has a private company that operates its water company named Utility, Inc. which can be contacted at the below info for water service.
Utilities, INC. Send Payments To:
P.O. Box 11025
Lewiston, ME 04243- 9476

Office Address:
1240 E. State St., Suite 115
Pahrump, NV 89048-2180

Phone: 866-277-5515

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am-4:30pm PT
Email: customerservice@uiwater.com
Fax: 775-727-7752

Village Clerk - Maura Kirchner
Village Collector – Heather Hernandez

Freedom Of Information Act or FOIA

Requests for Public Information can be obtained through The Village Of Holiday Hills by submitting the following form. 

See fee schedule for costs on duplication of public records

Freedom Of Information Act – Request Form

Freedom Of Information Act – Village Of Holiday Hills Fees

If you have any questions in regards to FOIA please contact our FOIA Officer – FOIA Trustee or Clerk at the Village Hall.

Building and Zoning 
Download the appropriate forms below for application for a permit only.

Permit Information from the Building Inspector

Please do not proceed with any type of Construction, Improvements, etc. until you have received your actual permit and have paid the required fee.

  • Any work done before the issuance of a building permit is subject to a fine
  • Any new buildings, swimming pools, or building additions in the Flood Plain or Flood way require approved and permit form the McHenry County Storm water

Management Bureau. The Office of the Building Inspector will assist in the filling out the necessary paperwork. Approval and permitting by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources/Army Corps of Engineers may also be necessary in some cases.

The Building Department is required to respond to a permit application within forty-five (45) days of receipt of the application. The building permit is good for one (1) year from the date of the issuance, and is issued to the property owner and is not transferable.

The following documents are necessary for the review of the permit application

  •   Proof of ownership
  •   Current Plat of Survey, three (3) copies
  •   Septic permit and/or current drawing and inspection certificate, three (3) copies
  •   Building Plans, including plumbing, heating and electrical where applicable, three (3) copies
  •   Completed Building Permit Application

All contractors must provide Proof of Insurance, State or Federal Licensing or Certification as applicable to their work.

Painting, Decorating and Emergency Repairs Do not require Permits

Thank You for Your Cooperation
If you have questions please contact the building department

Building Permit Application

Permanent Building Application Guidelines

Planning and Development Fee Schedule

Building Permit Application Part B

Building Permit Shed Info

Building Permit Add’l Info Deck


Community Tips:

Holiday Hills Police Department (Non-Emergency): Main Number: 815-385-2828  
Fax Number: 815-344-8919

In case of Emergency, call 911

If you are the victim of a theft, please call the Police Department to make a report. Even if the theft appears minor, the report will enable your property to be returned in the event it is recovered. Also, reporting a theft provides information to police so additional patrols may be directed to areas needing additional attention.

Always keep your vehicle doors locked and do not leave valuables unattended. If it is necessary to keep a particular item in your vehicle, try to keep it out of sight.

If possible, park your vehicle in a well lit area.

If your residence has outside lighting, turn it on at night. This may deter thieves from targeting you, since they prefer to work under the cover of darkness.

Premise Alert Program

Illinois Premise Alert Program Act, 430 ILCS 132.

The Premise Alert Program (PAP) was designed to allow citizens to notify Public Safety Agencies of any person with special needs or disabilities to ensure equal access to emergency services..

The completion of a Premise Enrollment Form will provide public safety personnel access to vital information regarding physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional disabilities.

Click here to download the Premise Alert Form

Upon completion, please submit the form to the Police Department.
Golf Cart Permits
On 08-16-2010, the Village of Holiday Hills, Illinois voted to allow certain non-highway vehicles (hereafter referred to as a golf cart, and golf carts only) to drive on certain roads within the village limits. The new ordinance took effect August 27, 2010. A golf cart is the only non-highway vehicle authorized to be driven on most of the roads of Holiday Hills, Illinois. Your village officials hope you enjoy the use of your golf carts, but stress the importance of safety while operating them as they can be more difficult to see by drivers of other motor vehicles. Each person applying for a Village Vehicle Sticker will be given a copy of this flyer and sign for it acknowledging they are made aware of the rules governing the safe use of the golf carts on the roadways and the requirements to legally operate one in the Village limits.

Click Here​ for the Golf Cart Permit form

Director of Village Maintenance – Doreen Dzialo

Special Waste Management Pick Up

Each year the Village has a Special Pick-up with Waste Management. When a date is selected it will be posted here.
If you need to discard items too large for the curb pick up, (i.e. refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc.) please contact Waste Management directly at 1-800-796-9696 to schedule an appointment for those items. Waste Management will assist in taking those bulky items and try to recycle them whenever possible. This is part of their Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover Resource Program.

Don’t Procrastinate, begin your clean-up early!

Snow removal information will be posted here.

Building Permit Application

Permanent Building Application Guidelines

Building Permit Application Part B

Building Permit Shed Info

Building Permit Add’l Info Deck

Golf Cart Permit

Freedom Of Information Act – Request Form

Freedom Of Information Act – Village Of Holiday Hills Fees
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