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Welcome to The Village of
 Holiday Hills
1304 Sunset Drive ~ Holiday Hills, IL 60051 ~ 
P: 815-344-4720 ~ F: 815-344-8919
Village President ~ Dan Drury
The Village of Holiday Hills was incorporated in 1976. 
Holiday Hills is located in east central McHenry County approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago and 15 miles south of the Wisconsin border. 
The Village of Holiday Hills encompasses approximately 590 acres, of which about 186 is residentially developed and the remaining 404 acres consists of the Reliable Sand and Gravel property. 
 There are currently 264 addresses and the population is 610. 
Holiday Hills is bordered by the Moraine Hills State Park, the Fox River and Griswold Lake.

Holiday Hills is governed by a Board of six Trustees and
 a Village President.  
The Village Hall is located at 1304 Sunset Drive and houses the offices of the part-time Village Clerk/Collector, Village Treasurer, Village Building Inspector and Director of Village Maintenance as well as the 
part-time Holiday Hills Police Department.

The Holiday Hills part -time police department is comprised currently of 3 police officers and a police Chief.  
The police department and all 911 calls are dispatched through the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. 
Holiday Hills is in the McHenry Township Fire Protection District, The McHenry Library District and McHenry School Districts 115 and 156.

The Village’s sanitary sewage treatment and disposal needs are currently served by privately owned, on site septic systems.  
The Village water needs are served by Utilities, Inc. which owns and operates the community well system. 
The Village is served by Waste Management for refuse disposal and recycling. 
The Village contracts all snow removal/ice control services which are monitored by our Director of Village Maintenance.
2016-2017 vehicle stickers are for sale at the 
Village Hall during business hours. 
Stickers are due by 8/31/16.
Automobiles - $10.00
Golf Carts - $10.00
Motorcycles - $ 7.00
Senior Citizens - $5.00

Attention Residents:  If Utilities Inc. has you listed as having a home phone number, that is no longer active, please inform them of an alternative number to contact you in case of an emergency. 
UPDATED: 12/28/16
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